Sanchita By Kazi Nazrul Islam

Short biography of Nazrul

Kazi Nazrul Islam (May 24, 1899 – August 29, 1986) [1], (senior 11, 1307 – Bhadra 12, 1363 BS), pioneering Bengali poet, one of the most popular Bengali poets of the twentieth century, musician, composer, philosopher The pioneering role in poetry is best known for its progressive motivation.

He is one of the Bengali language writers, patriots and the national poet of Bangladesh. His poems and songs are equally admired in West Bengal and Bangladesh. He has been called a rebellious poet because of his rebellious attitude in his poetry. The main theme of his poems was the protest against human oppression and social injustice and exploitation. The dignity and importance of Kazi Nazrul Islam in the Bengali mind of the twentieth century is immense. As a poet, writer, musician, journalist, editor, politician and soldier, Nazrul was always vocal against injustice and injustice.

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